Harmonious and Sympathetic

Accommodating, harmonious, indecisive, patient, polite, uninvolved, friendly and sympathetic.

Meet Pasqual. Using your current data and DME’s modeling services, here’s what we learn:

Age: 36

Home Life: Married with children

Education: Ph.D.

Occupation: Psychologist

Interests: Music appreciation

Hobbies: Painting, going to movies and listening to music


We design communications to appeal to Pasqual’s temperament using copy and images that speak to his personality.

Passive temperaments, such as Pasqual, respond to deliberate tones, concerns and images portraying harmony.

Example of a HELOC promotion postcard designed for passive temperaments. This appeals to the passive personality with a softer approach to copy, a sense of sentiment and a soft, warmth in the colors and imagery.