How in depth is your

data modeling process?

DME enhances your member and prospect data modeling to create highly-personalized and emotionally engaging marketing communications. We append demographic and psychographic data to your marketing lists to determine the temperament type and messaging style for each individual.

Focused Messaging

DME takes your prospect and member data and creates a segmentation strategy around available data. The copy and visuals of each communication are dependent on commonalities making for a simple, yet effective campaign.

Targeted Messaging

If your data contains residential information, DME appends additional demographic and psychographic information best suited for your goals. Your data is then divided into either extrovert or introvert temperaments to create a well-rounded and detailed marketing campaign.

Emotionally Engaging

Our most advanced program takes your list and appends data using up to 50 of our unique characteristics. Gathering this data creates a comprehensive profile and divides each individual directly into the appropriate temperament type. From there, marketing messages are drafted that are highly-personal and compelling to achieve the highest ROI.